Shamanic Practitioner

I started walking the Camino Rojo, my spiritual path when I was 18. The book stores of the 1990s post-communist Czech Republic were brimming with all sorts of spiritual literature; my first spiritual book was a witchcraft manual. I started to learn how to meditate and for several years I was a member of a closed tantric group where we learn about the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves, about how to love ourselves and our bodies. During this practice, I had my first transformation. I started accepting and loving myself as a woman. I also started learning how to spiritually and energetically take better care of myself, an intuitive empath. Feeling how people around me feel might be a gift, but without protection and awareness, this gift can turn into a burden.

My next main direction was shamanism in 2006. I studied the concepts and techniques of the neo-shamanism (the type that is taught in various forms all around the Western world) from Elsa and Howard Malpas in Glastonbury. After the training, I became a qualified shamanic practitioner, the Warrior in the Heart. It gave me a good foundation, but only years later I learnt that it is a watered-down version of real shamanism created to be palatable to our Western minds. I am grateful to my teachers Elsa and Howard for this solid foundation and their teachings, however. I was taught that the connection to nature, Mother Earth, the Great Spirit and the spirit world is what keeps us alive and happy. I was taught that with this connection, I would never be and feel alone and since then I’ve never been alone. I learnt to be respectful and humbled and not to take myself too seriously. On the other hand to take life with lightness, sense of humour and be not afraid to shine.

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Over the years, I complimented my shamanic learning with many different teachings and traditions. The use of sound during healings, ceremonies and channelling is one of my most important tools. In Tao, I learnt how to heal the wounded woman inside me, how to heal my inner child, how to learn to trust, to unconditionally love. This is a never-ending road of self-discovery and healing, similar to onion and its layers. After each healing and acceptance, one layer falls off to expose another, deeper one underneath. In this lifelong work I don’t heal just myself, but the generations of women before me. But this work is not just about wounds and shadows. It is also, and especially, about empowerment, light & beauty and peace & surrender.

Over the years,  my healing work with clients changed. I stopped trying to heal them. Instead, I give them tools to heal themselves and support them along the way. What can be more empowering than help that comes from within, from ourselves?  Almost all my clients who come to me now are women. This is where my path is leading. Read more about the empowered women’s path in the Moon Dancer of Metzliyoliliztli  here.

My full and ultimate immersion into the world of shamanism was on my trips to Latin America and learning directly from the plants and other non-human teachers. For more about this, please go to Storyteller here.

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